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Fullight Tech Beard Set

Get your set on Amazon here:

Looking to keep your beard in tip top shape "Fullight Tech Beard Set" is the way to go. you will get a lot of bang for your buck with this set.

What comes in this set is Beard Shampo, Beard Balm, Beard Oil, Natural Solid Wood Comb, 100% Boar Hair Brush, Stainless Steel Sharp Scissor, and a Online Beard Guide E-Book in PDF for Download.

this set is very much worth the money. The wooden comb just glides through the beard and doesn't break or split the ends in any way. The oil is really light and works right into the beard, as well as the beard balm.

It packaged well and has high quality oil and balm. The oil isn’t scented. The beard wash makes your beard manageable. The beard Balm Increases the moisture in your skin and facial hair.

The beard wash has a nice mild sent while the balm and oil are unscented. The scissors are a bit small especially if you have big hands. "FULLLIGHT TECH" beard set is a great introduction to natural beard care.Works great for any type of beard,long,short,thick or thin

it's well worth the money!

We highly recommend this kit especially if you are just getting into beard grooming.

Get your set on Amazon here:

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