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Isner Mile Beard Kit

Updated: Jun 3

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This is an absolutely fantastic! Isner Mile Beard kit is for any man who wants their beard to grow faster, thicker and stronger. Within the premium gift box there is Beard Shampoo Wash, Organic Beard Conditioner Oil, Organic Beard Balm, Styling Comb, Bamboo Brush, Steel Scissor. Now included in each box is a waterproof beard guard and a link to their beard bible giving you the most comprehensive care for your beard.

Isner Mile Beard Kit will leave you pleasantly surprised. The beard oil, is great. It has a subtle scent; it's not overpowering. It gives your beard a nice sheen and softens one's beard which your wife or girlfriend will love.

For everything this kits holds the products come packed in a nice compact gift like box. Has most of what to look for in a beard kit, just missing the beard shampoo.

On top of all the great products the company provide excellent customer service and a hassle free satisfaction and money back guarantee.

Get your set on Amazon here:


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