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Shea Moisture Beard Wash

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this is definitely something I recommend everyone to include in their beard routine. It's gentle and has a really subtle but wonderful fragrance that will have women grabbing to smell your beard.

The price for this product is really good for the quality. Made with Shea butter and and all natural ingredients. the fragrance is fantastic. The biggest component here is the Shea Butter which is very high in vitamins A & E and its an anti inflammatory, great sealer for your hair or beard as well as a excellent moisturizer when used in conjunction with water. Shea Butter is the total package.

The Shea Moisture Beard Wash is gentle on the beard and will not strip your beard of its natural oils. Use as directed to get rid of any build up, dry skin, and and particles that love to get snuggled up in beards.

The Moisture Beard Wash will keeps the skin and hair nourished and moisturized and gives it a soft, stylish finish. Infused with best of natural ingredients including Shea Butter, Maracuja oil and an abundance of Vitamin C. Great for all types of hair especially for men with 4C hair.

you will quickly find that this beard was is your go to beard was.

Get yours on Amazon here:


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