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Why Beards Itch And How To Stop Beard Itch

What causes beard itch? before you shave your beard off in it's junior years you must understand that you will go through this itchy period!

There are two main reasons your beard is itchy one being dry skin. if you ever notice in the winter your skin can get overly dry and you are constantly itching. The same thing happens to your face. So dry skin is a major factor in beard itch.

Second cause of beard itch is the beard itself. so when you shave and in the early stages of your beard growth razors cut your whiskers at an angle. When your whiskers start to grow back out it can dig into the side of your face causing irritation. Once the whiskers break the surface of the skin it can curl back around as it gets longer.

So how do you treat this problem? First thing we need to do is hydrate the skin underneath your beard. If you don't get rid of the dry skin you're never going to get rid of your beard itch. then you want to actually treat the whiskers themselves.

If your whiskers are course and dry it's going to cause more irritation against your skin. it's important to use a product that not only hydrates your skin but also takes care of your whiskers, softens them up, and adds moisture to ensure that you don't get that annoying itch afterwards.

Don't allow a little beard itch to stop you from growing your amazing beard.

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