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Why Do Some Men Have Different Beard Colors?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Are all men with ginger beards Irish? Of course not! in this article we will be explaining why some men get the ginger beard and it's no exactly what you may have been thinking. Hair color is not determined by a single equation of dominance versus recessive genes.

You don't just inherit one hair color gene each from your mom and dad. You actually inherit all the possibilities that any of your ancestors ever had and then all those genes battle it out.

Your hair coloring is all about your body's ability to produce different types of melanin. People with blonde, brunette, or black hair are producing different levels of eumelanin (a brown or black pigment)

Red bearded men are producing almost entirely pheomelanin, a red or pink pigment. If you inherit two "MC1R" genes, one from each parent, less of the red pigment is converted into black pigment, making you a ginger bearded man.

The "MC1R" genes whole job is to make black pigment red. If you inherit only one "MC1R gene, enough red pigment is converted that you end up with some red hair but it could be in more inconspicuous places such as your armpits or your chest. all because an ancestor who carried a certain gene.

Jonathan Rees, professor of Dermatology at the University of Edinburg thinks the concentration of redheads in the UK and Northern Europe has something to do with the weather, noting that red hair and pale skin allows for more vitamin D absorption in the cloudy climates.

only between one and two percent of people in the whole world have red in their hair. So if you're sporting red hair in that beard of yours embrace it! its the rarest hair color in the world.

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